Valentine’s Memory Tree

6 February 2018 – 19 February 2018

Valentine’s Day is a time in the year when we celebrate existing relationships. It is also an ideal time to remember our loved ones past and present.

Sometimes we want to put our feelings in writing and what better way to do this than leaving a little message on a memory tree.

From 6 – 15 February you will find two memory trees within the iconic Wayfarers Arcade on Lord Street.

If you would like to leave a message for one (or more) loved ones then pop into the arcade during Valentines week.

Little cardboard red hearts will be found on the trees ready for you to write your message. Just take one of the blank hearts from the tree, write your message (pens will be found next to the trees) and hang it back onto one of the memory trees.

So, make a visit to Wayfarers and leave your special Valentines message.